Get your own dedicated DPO.

Have your own data expert to keep your company data compliant globally.

Have your own data expert to keep your company data compliant globally. Have a helping hand to easily answer data questions and push compliance efforts forward.

Get unlimited expert advice.

Your dedicated Keith DPO has your back - whether it's to handle ad-hoc queries or advising you on how to manage a data breach.

Answer customer, partner, and investor data questions with confidence.

Allow your dedicated Keith DPO to answer important questions that are outside your expertise.

Get proactive support and monthly check-ins.

Your dedicated Keith DPO will meet with your appointed stakeholders to Chair your Data Risk Committee and ensure your company's compliance standards stay up-to-date.

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We were getting so many tough questions from a potential (and lucrative) partner and I didn't have the capacity or knowledge to deal with it anymore. Luckily our Keith DPO came to the rescue. It's great to have an actual data expert answer these questions.



Miami, Florida
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Our Keith experts have over 40+ years of combined expertise.

Trust Keith take care of all the nitty gritty involved in getting Data Protection right.
Geoff Wagstaff
CTO & Co-founder, gosquared
Trust Keith has been critical to us winning healthcare partners that will generate millions in revenue.
Ryan Hanna
Co-founder, sworkit
Trust Keith are central to our Data Protection success. They simplify the complex and give us the confidence to scale.
Eliot Brooks
COO & Co-founder, thriva

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