Your dedicated DPO

Trust Keith gives you a dedicated Data Protection Officer who helps you craft bespoke policies & documents, navigate complex data regulation, and understand your data protection needs.

24/7 incident & breach response

Emergency support
A breach could shut-down your business in a moments notice. With Trust Keith in your corner you can react quickly and efficiently with confidence.
Representation with regulators
Your dedicated DPO will support any communication you have with regulators to ensure you say the right thing and remain compliant.
David Clarke, Senior DPO

Spotlight on one of our DPOs

  • 20+ yrs of privacy & cyber security experience for global & government organisations
  • ISO27001 Lead Auditor & CISO certified
  • No. 2 Cyber Security Thought Leader 2019 by Thinkers360
  • Privacy influencer - 98k Twitter followers @1DavidClarke, and 19k members on his “GDPR General Data Protection Regulation Technology” LinkedIn group

Unlimited support
& advice

Due diligence

Overcome difficult data compliance questions from prospects.

Support with data subject access requests

Handle responses confidently that might be audited by the regulator.

Customer queries

Always know what to respond.

Document reviews

Receive guidance and feedback on your data protection documents.

Chair your risk

Your dedicated DPO will chair your periodical risk meetings.
Bespoke security policies

Policy & document creation

Security policies

All the tailored policies you need to comply with data protection regulation.

External facing documents

Trust Keith will ensure you complete all the data protection documents required by law.

Design documents

Evidence compliance to your customers with a detailed data journey design document.

Everything you need for data protection in one place