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Tired of automated checklists, expensive lawyers and outsourced consultants who don't get your business? Lacking the time and knowledge to do it yourself? — Get the best of a human and a platform with Trust Keith.

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How it works

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Gain a holistic view of your data protection posture with our compliance score. And get a proposal, tailored to your goals, priorities and your current data compliance rating.

Become data compliant

Get to a defensible level of data compliance that's right for your business.

We support you to create a proportionate data protection programme that involves the right people. We map your data flows and custom data risks and help you establish the missing infrastructure and activities.

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Stay data compliant

Continue to operate compliantly as your business scales.

Your business will change; with new staff, technologies and geographies. The market will change; with new customer expectations and legislation. Through this, we'll ensure you maintain and improve your compliance position.

Demonstrate your compliance

Prove that you can be trusted with data to all your stakeholders.

We'll help you create the required assets to evidence that you are data compliant and we'll join security reviews and investor calls to answer the tough questions. What's more, working with a trusted partner like us inspires confidence.

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Curious how Trust Keith can help take data compliance off your plate?